There’s a Time …

… for everything under heaven. At the moment I am literally rushed off my feet, but as I said to one of my editors yesterday, light, end of tunnel. So things will move soon. Here and in other places. You’ll see.

Things’ll Change

… you just wait and see!

Bernd Biege

I’m working on it … really. This blog will stay. One of the few.

8 months ago

postcodeHow to Waste 27 Million Euros

So, Ireland has postcodes, as of today, and that exercise cost us twenty-seven million Euros (that’s a cool 27,000,000 €, folks). And while Dublin codes start with D, those in Galway will start with … H. … and now read on …

Bernd Biege

Ready to pull some plugs … but just which ones? 😉 July should see some clarity.

over a year ago

Bernd Biege

There’s a lot of work going on, but not all is visible on the web. Because … well … I haven’t fully decided how to handle some stuff. But here’s a glimpse: running several blogs takes time and effort, so I am thinking about consolidating all into one package. Maybe. We’ll see …

over a year ago

The hallway before renovation started ... - © Bernd Biege 2014Hallway to Hell

Okay, November … time to get the contracted monthly work done, then start to organize those three major projects … and in-between totally renovate our “hall” (a narrow passage, truth be told). Because, as you may see, it looks really crummy and so … and now read on …

EoM, EoY

Well, the end of the month is near … as is the end of the “Celtic Year” (Samhain, Halloween and all that, y’know). Time to reflect, I guess, especially as there are some decisions still to be made that are outside of my control. Coming up to a junction, see where the road will continue. It’ll be good. One way, or another …


Well, there you go … looks like austerity is over. If you think that a fiver a week more in pocket is the end of austerity (and that is before you pay for water, if you are on the public supply). All in all nothing really exiting. Ireland stumbles along, I still say “mustn’t grumble” and carry on as well, with my own austerity budget at home. Read: one can’t spend more than one has. Still amazed how some of those wailing about everything manage to sneak in a foreign holiday or huge expenses for hobbies. Getting old and cranky, I suppose. But then I always was cranky, family trait.

Irish Autumn Impression - © Bernd Biege 2014Feckin’ Meds

Doctor has me on a new regime and a common side effect is … well, the runs! Very thankful I still have charcoal from that China trip (where none was needed, strange world). Basically I am very much p***ed off with everything and the world in general at the moment, so … and now read on …

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